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When will Parallel be available to download?

Soon! Sign up and we’ll let you know when our iOS open beta goes live.

What does “no algorithms” mean?

We refuse to impose algorithms on who and what you see. If you follow someone, you’ll see them. Content appears in the order it was posted.

Does it cost money to sign up?

The high-quality core experience of Parallel is completely free. We will offer a library of inexpensive addons for you to get more out of your social experience.

Who is on the Parallel team?

We’re a growing team of designers and developers in the United States.

Can I bring my stuff?

We are planning to build an import feature that will let you bring posts, photos, videos, and other data from other services right into your account.

Wait, so…microtransactions?

Exactly! Our business model is designed to fit our user-first mission. You will have full control over every aspect of the app through optional, inexpensive add-ons.

Is this a crypto thing?


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